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  1. nyttyn

    Metagame [SPOILERS] Scarlet & Violet OU Discussion [BAN LIST POST 626]

    tera as a mechanic might just wind up overbearing and need to be banned, but i feel it has some solid potential to give scarlet and violet OU a unique identity and rushing to ask for it to be banned or assuming it will be banned is premature. needing to identify what the tera targets on the...
  2. nyttyn

    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion (Usage stats in post #944)

    It's not like there's no game to be had with Dynamax, it doesn't break the game to the point something like Mega-Ray does (whom I dearly hope is burning in hell), it's just not a very fun or competitive game because it warps it in strange and suffocatingly centralizing ways. It's not like people...
  3. nyttyn

    Dynamax Discussion

    If the majority of pokemon are allowed to dynamax, we're basically back to square one with one of the more problematic intricacies of the mechanic - the unpredictability. So clearly, we cannot allow every "reasonable" Dynamax user to Dynamax. After you remove the major outliers (Gyarados...
  4. nyttyn

    Dynamax Discussion

    The reason why Gigantimaxing is catching on is because it is a assortment of mostly inoffensive (in the since that none are really Gyarados-levels-of-ban-worthy) pokemon whom, collectively, make up a small, easily agreed upon threat list which has already been provided by Nintendo. There is...
  5. nyttyn

    CAP 27 - PRC Applications

    Hi I'm Nyttyn I'd like to be on the PRC again because gen 8 is cool and got over my gen 7 fatigue I'm the dumb girl who brought you hits such as Heal Pulse Mollux (it's a lava lamp...), Petrogeist (flash cap flash cap!!), and Naviathan. I used to mod. Uh. Some other stuff too I guess? I like...
  6. nyttyn

    Dynamax Discussion

    Preface/warning: I'm a not great player? I tend to just use other people's teams a lot of the time, and I'm the sort of dumb girl Dynamaxing was probably made to appeal to. I honestly have a intense disliking of Dynamaxing as a mechanic in the game. I think asking if it's broken or whatever is...
  7. nyttyn

    Pokémon Cinderace

    I think Cinderce is going to have a lot of potential down the line even before Libero, but right now games are so fast that Court Change isn't really the strongest of options since teams rarely try to ramp up hazards, and weakness to top threats like Gyarados does it no favors either.
  8. nyttyn

    Metagame np: SS DOU stage 0: Begin Again | Beat Up banned

    Alcremie's gonna be absolutely huge this generation I think. Two pretty good abilities, a fantastic type, workable stats, and a signature move that's both a swords dance and a nasty plot on anything it wants all add up to a powerful support mon which fills a unique niche. Its low speed can...
  9. nyttyn

    Sword & Shield Battle Mechanics Research

    I was in a raid battle with a enemy machop and it attempted to use knock off several times, which failed each attempt, with no discernable reason. I'm not sure if this is due to raid battle mechanics or if knock off it self was changed On my side was a Rookide (unnerve), a Togepi (serene...
  10. nyttyn

    SM Doubles OU COTTON ON: 3000

    oh, thank you for the shoutout level-51! even though i really was only a part of the community for a small time, ahah. cute team, and i like that you used slurpuff! maybe i should give doubs another look sometime.
  11. nyttyn

    CAP 25 - Part 3 - Concept Assessment

    Must the ability have moves it directly impacts, or is it sufficient to have moves that support the role that the ability suggests? Not necessarily. While it's not the most intuitive thing in the world, many abilities by virtue of neutering the opponent's responses give you a free turn by...
  12. nyttyn

    CAP 25 - Part 2 - Concept Poll 3

    Deck Knight both could probably work but i'd rather have more focus out the gate.
  13. nyttyn

    CAP 25 - Part 2 - Concept Poll 2

    Deck Knight Pipotchi Mr Holiday
  14. nyttyn

    Other Branching Out to Different Metas for Future CAP Projects

    I honestly don't think this is a good idea. The only reason we can get away with making pokemon for CAP now is because a lot of our playerbase was already playing the meta, making the conversion relatively painless. That's not necessarily (and likely is not) the case for the other tiers, meaning...
  15. nyttyn

    CAP 23 CAP 23 - Part 8 - Moveset Discussion

    My biggest concern with Will o' Wisp is that it leads into CAP 23 having a set that simply checkmates any physical attacker, by sheer virtue of being able to both wisp and trap. Especially since it would mandate avoiding even Wish - as any sort of set with reliable recovery would mean CAP 23...
  16. nyttyn

    good luck!! orin is a big wall but once you make it past her, okuu aint shit in comparison.

    good luck!! orin is a big wall but once you make it past her, okuu aint shit in comparison.
  17. nyttyn

    CAP 23 CAP 23 - Part 6 - Secondary Ability Poll

    No Competitive Ability Mold Breaker Strong Jaw Early Bird
  18. nyttyn

    CAP 23 CAP 23 - Part 6 - Secondary Ability Discussion

    Why does Comatose's status blocking guarantee that a secondary ability is an unnecessary addition? Three reasons, as I see it. 1) CAP 23 is already strong enough as things stand, and does not necessarily need additional power at this time that any viable secondary ability would provide. 2) No...
  19. nyttyn

    CAP 23 CAP 23 - Part 6 - Secondary Ability Discussion

    I don't think CAP 23 needs a a viable alternative ability, nor would it be a good idea to slap one on. All of the abilities that gained traction during Primary ability are all, for the most part, either too strong or are a worse version of Comatose. It's already going to be a bit rough to play...